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Back to Basics - Bond Building Education
September 28, 2023

Back to Basics - Bond Building Education

It’s time for a little crash course on the brand that invented the bond building category in 2014. With a growing family of products, OLAPLEX continues to evolve the way we treat our hair today. By now, you might know a bond builder makes your hair healthy, but do you know how? Don’t worry, we won’t be quizzing you. We, too, love to know everything about the products we use and want you to feel equipped and informed on how OLAPLEX is able to transform hair the way it does!


OLAPLEX started as a 3 step system containing the same patented active ingredient. It’s a single ingredient chemistry that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair during and after chemical services, making them stronger than they were before. OLAPLEX Nº.1 and Nº.2, and the take-home Nº.3, formulated for clients and now our best-seller! While Nº.1 and Nº.2 can only be purchased with a cosmetology license by a salon professional, we now have a full line of 10 at-home products!


Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds that give the hair its structure, strength, and stability. When disulfide bonds break, it results in damage. OLAPLEX restores compromised or damaged hair by repairing it from the inside out by re-linking those broken bonds back together again. So how does this translate into a salon service? During a chemical process, the chemicals are working against your hair by breaking bonds to create a color or texture change. By adding OLAPLEX Nº.1 into your chemical service, your hairdresser is mitigating the damage done during the chemical process. Imagine OLAPLEX with boxing gloves fighting against damage, one strand at a time. Before OLAPLEX, the world had never seen this before.


There’s a healthy OLAPLEX solution for just about any concern you have for your hair. Damage, moisture, pollution, build up, heat protection, frizz, toning, shine, and more. Every product we have is infused with OLAPLEX’s patented bond building formula to rebuild hair, while addressing other common hair concerns. In 8 years, our mission hasn’t changed. Healthy hair is still the holy grail of hair and we believe every time you apply a product onto your hair, it should make it healthier.

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