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#OLAFLEX TikTok Hashtag Challenge
August 19, 2022

#OLAFLEX TikTok Hashtag Challenge

Bringing health and happiness to people is a big flex, especially when it’s for millions around the globe! OLAPLEX has helped people achieve their hair goals for the past 8 years now, and the transformations keep getting better. From transformations to complete glow ups, we challenge you to celebrate your healthy, beautiful hair journey. OLAPLEX is the first and only bond builder, the original patented, proven, and potent molecular technology that repairs and strengthens hair. We want you to flex your transformations, by joining our #OLAFLEX TikTok challenge!


#OLAFLEX is all about celebrating your OLAPLEX glow up, and it’s as easy as can be to participate. How does it work? Simple, you can do it anywhere! Show your hair before, then a transition to what it looks like now after OLAPLEX! We are always finding ways to empower one another, and what better to inspire than your very own OLAPLEX transformations?


Transformations come in all colors, shapes, and sizes—and they don’t have to be limited to what you get in a salon! Some of the most impressive journeys are ones you take at home, adhering to a diligent OLAPLEX routine that brings your hair back to life. You could be on a journey from processed and thermally damaged to natural hair with the help of OLAPLEX. How about one of those wild color corrections with months of dark regrowth to platinum blonde? Your OLAPLEX journey could even be the results of a single treatment, or styling with OLAPLEX.


OLAPLEX results can be seen right away, making even the most subtle transformations, ones to remember. Flexing healthy hair is something we can get behind, so use #OLAFLEX to show us your before and afters. Need some inspiration? Visit the @olaplex TiKTok page for #OLAFLEX before and after videos to inspire your very own challenge video!

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