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Why Your Curly Hair Is Better With OLAPLEX Nº.3 & Nº.8
November 22, 2022

Why Your Curly Hair Is Better With OLAPLEX Nº.3 & Nº.8

Textured hair is a lot like having your best hair day today, and your worst tomorrow. It’s true, curly hair can be temperamental, and it’s a journey to get it to be consistent, which is why curly haired people love OLAPLEX to keep their manes on track. Whether you have curly hair that behaves or hair that needs a push in the right direction, all curly hair needs is consistent maintenance to thrive. In come OLAPLEX Nº.3 and Nº.8 as a curls best friend!


Curly hair needs to be both healthy and moisturized in order to thrive. The lack of such benefits in the hair decrease its manageability, appearance, and wear. Therefore, you might notice frizz and inconsistency in the curl pattern. While both side effects may seem irritating, what they are is damaging. Here’s what Nº.3 and Nº.8 do to your curls to ensure they’re healthy and moisturized 24/7:


OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector is a long-time favorite for curlies. It’s the first and only product to rebuild hair internally, making it healthier than before. Curly hair is innately fragile, meaning even if it’s healthy, it needs more love than other hair textures. Nº.3 is curly hairs salvation, rebuilding each strand internally to bring it back to it’s virgin-like state. For curl patterns, this is everything! Getting hair closer to its virgin-like state means you’re as close as can be to your natural texture and curl pattern. Just pair patience with OLAPLEX Nº.3 treatments as often as you’d like.


Moisture is another massive necessity of curly hair, as it’s the driest hair type. It constantly craves moisture, making OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask the perfect remedy to lock in moisture and bond building simultaneously. All hair textures are different. Some soak up moisture right away, while others can keep it longer. As OLAPLEX is safe to use as often as needed, customize this routine to what’s best for your hair. Curly hair gets scratchy and rough even if you miss your routine once, so consistency is key.


OLAPLEX is amazing for all hair types, and we've seen some absolutely epic transformations and results with curly hair. While the journey to finding the right routine for curly hair is long, OLAPLEX makes it quick because all curly hair thrives on being healthier. After falling in love with OLAPLEX, many people realize less product is more when working with what your hair really needs. Treat your hair at least once weekly with Nº.3 and Nº.8 for the ultimate curly hair treatment routine.

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